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Images by Fred Luhman


E-mail:  fluhman2@comcast.net






            My image style is evolving from realism to what might be called altered reality.  I still enjoy doing “straight” photography of beautiful scenes.  However, I’m more excited about exploring the possibilities with digital imaging technologies to create images that go beyond reality—to the impressionistic, mystical, fanciful, or what could be. All photographs have some degree of altered reality—in the sense of departure from what the eye actually saw—as a minimum due to the technical limitations of camera optics and film/digital light sensors.  I am just carrying this concept further to portray what is in my mind’s eye.

          My inspirations come at any time—quite often when listening to beautiful classical music.  I tend to favor images that have bold colors and simple graphic designs.  Some of my recent images are composed from separate photographic elements.  Currently, I scan film to digitize the images.

          All exhibited prints were chemically processed on conventional photo print paper, such as, Fuji Crystal Archive.  Acid-free mount board has been used.





I have been a photographer—mostly self-taught—for 38 years.


I operate FRED LUHMAN PHOTOGRAPHY, a part-time business primarily engaged in stock photography


Awards have been received from local (including juried gallery exhibits), national and international organizations.


Images have been published in local, national and international newspapers, magazines and books.



NOTE:  Private viewing may be set for Monday–Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.